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Dear Visitor,

My name is Daniel Daemen and prior to my music career as a Jazz saxophone player, I worked for several years as a repair man at a music shop in Belgium. I have had a unique opportunity to study this fine craft with a worker from the Selmer factory in Paris. This experience gave me great insight into the wonderful world of what I consider to be the most wonderful instrument of all times! In 2013 I decided to open my own repair workshop in the Netherlands.

My repair services include overhaul, dent work and soldering.

My focus is on repairing a saxophone and making it a reliable friend for years to come.

My work is done with the greatest care and attention to detail. I do not use files and hammers to get keys working again!

I specialize in removing play in the keywork of a saxophone. This mechanical aspect of the instrument is the most time consuming part of an overhaul, but without doing this the pads will never seal as they should.

As a professional player with years of experience under my belt, I understand the importance of having a reliable instrument that has been worked on with the utmost care.

Thank you for visiting my website and hope to hear from you soon,

Daniel Daemen