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SAFE SAX specializes in (mechanical) overhauls and restorations

Our rate for individual repairs is €65,00 ex VAT

For detailed information about my work CLICK HERE

SAFE SAX will give you the best experience for your instrument. You are welcome in the workshop and you will get all the info you wish for about the repairs.

Prices (incl. VAT)

Complete disassembly, internal and external cleaning, if neccesary replace worn out pads, corks, felts, springs. adjust key heights, make neck tenon air-tight, adjust. For more info Click here

(Prices start from)

          Soprano   € 200,00 (silver plate + €100)

          Alto          € 220,00 (silver plate + €125)

         Tenor        € 250,00 (silver plate+ €150)

          Baritone   € 300,00 (silver plate + €200)

The standard overhaul is the job done on most MODERN saxophones. CLICK HERE for detailed information about the full overhaul.

         Soprano   € 850,00 (silver plate + €100)

         Alto          € 875,00 (silver plate + €125)

         Tenor       € 900,00 (silver plate + €150)

          Baritone   € 1100,00 (silver plate + €200)

Soldering, major dentwork and custom keywork are not included.

For the demanding saxophonist. This overhaul includes a complete mechanical overhaul/rebuild, or restauration of the keywork. Fitting of new oversize rods, flattening post facings, leveling tone holes with diamond equipment, new springs (on request for Buescher saxes), new hex lock screws on Conn saxophones, snap-on pads for Buescher saxes, microtuner overhaul on Conn saxophones, improvements on the key action, etc. Check my blog and my YouTube channel for more info about the mechanical overhaul.

Same pads (Chanu) as standard overhaul but they are treathed with an extra special coating.

         Soprano   € 1100,00 (silver plate + €100)

         Alto          € 1200,00 (silver plate + €125)

         Tenor       € 1300,00 (silver plate + €150)

         Baritone   € 1600,00 (silver plate + €200)

Soldering, major dentwork and custom keywork are not included.